The new countertop protector PE-B model, STOPSKID exclusive, is integrally made of stainless steel with the exception of a small Teflon feet that serve as support on the surface of the countertop to avoid possible scratches. The great advantage of this model is its versatility and ease of use. Integrated into the backsplash or directly overlaid on the back wall of the counter, always be on hand providing us with an effective surfaces for hot pans but attention only when it is required, thus sparing the problem, what to do with the when not needed. The solution adopted is simple while effective. If we do not need, we’ll leave it in its upright position without trouble, and when required, with a simple gesture, we’ll have it ready. It is also removable so it can move to where we more comfortable, even the dining table if you wanted, and when no longer do we need, another simple gesture will pick you up at its location, ready for the next use .







The countertop protector, PE-P model, is composed of five flat bar 250×13,5×3 mm. stainless steel with a satin finish, slightly rough developed by STOPSKID. For installation, you must perform five slots, with standard cutting disc. The pieces are profiled to couple to these slots and protrude from the face of the worktop 3.5 mm. Moreover, the need not to be glued, it can be easily removed for cleaning or if the clear top is needed.






Countertop protector PE-V, is composed of five stainless steel rod polishing 250×5 mm. equipped with 2 pins 4×3 mm. It is installed using simple holes 4 mm. deep and 3 mm in diameter. Like the PE-P model, you need not be glued.