Different models of aluminum profiles for embedding on stairs and ramps. An elegant and effective solution.



Three models. Three solutions. Choose which is best suited to your countertop.




A practical and simple solution to facilitate the installation of low level sinks in kitchen countertops. Discover its advantages.



Profiles specially designed to improve the grip of polished surfaces, marble, granite, ecc.


All that’s required a shallow track standard disc cut to accommodate the strip, adhered using silicon* or standard resins. (2CM models requires a 18/20 mm channel).

*Installing with silicon permits easy removal of the strips if necessary in the future



The quality of the strip and its reduced width give an attractive and elegance finish that highlights the surface.



The strip grips the sole of the shoe and prevents the loss of adherence.



StopSkid strips drastically lower production time and, consequently, reduce labour cost.



The polished surface of the StopSkid strip prevents dirt adhering to it. However, if is necessary, it can be easily and quickly cleaned.





The STANDARD non-skid profile is the first one that was commercialized. After several years and thousand of meters sold, this profile represents the best compromise between grip, aesthetic and cost. It is the most recommended non-skid profile for outsides because of its higher height and consequently its better efficacy when snowing or freezing.





The 5MM non-skid profile differs from the Standard one by its minor penetration and external height. The thickness of the drop-in part is less, so it can be installed by using any kind of diamond blade (even if it is worn out). It is perfect for slender marbles and ceramics.





The anti-slip “PLUS” profile maintains some of the characteristics of “5MM” as the least depth of embedding, the rounded lower edges and grooves made in the walls to improve the bonding and increases the active surface to 16.8 mm with a protruding content in just 2 millimeters.



Applying the model Plus an exclusive machining STOPSKID, the result is this variant, which we call “PLUS-X”. This non-slip profile further enhances the excellent grip of our profiles, but above all, significantly improves longitudinal grip, although in most cases inconsequential, in specific cases can be decisive.






The 2CM non-skid profile requires a groove of 18/20 mm. width and 4 mm. depth. These grooves are common among marble workers that usually utilize carborundun. Since the carborondum process is laborious and bothersome, this profile reduces the time performed noticeably, enhances the aesthetic. It is long lasting and easily replaceable (if required).
It should be pointed out that once it is installed it protrudes 0,8 mm. only




The new countertop protector PE-B model, STOPSKID exclusive, is integrally made of stainless steel with the exception of a small Teflon feet that serve as support on the surface of the countertop to avoid possible scratches. The great advantage of this model is its versatility and ease of use. Integrated into the backsplash or directly overlaid on the back wall of the counter, always be on hand providing us with an effective surfaces for hot pans but attention only when it is required, thus sparing the problem, what to do with the when not needed. The solution adopted is simple while effective. If we do not need, we’ll leave it in its upright position without trouble, and when required, with a simple gesture, we’ll have it ready. It is also removable so it can move to where we more comfortable, even the dining table if you wanted, and when no longer do we need, another simple gesture will pick you up at its location, ready for the next use .






The countertop protector, PE-P model, is composed of five flat bar 250×13,5×3 mm. stainless steel with a satin finish, slightly rough developed by STOPSKID. For installation, you must perform five slots, with standard cutting disc. The pieces are profiled to couple to these slots and protrude from the face of the worktop 3.5 mm. Moreover, the need not to be glued, it can be easily removed for cleaning or if the clear top is needed.




Countertop protector PE-V, is composed of five stainless steel rod polishing 250×5 mm. equipped with 2 pins 4×3 mm. It is installed using simple holes 4 mm. deep and 3 mm in diameter. Like the PE-P model, you need not be glued.








The low-level sink hook is very useful and convenient attaching kit for low-level sinks.
This includes: a brass anchor, a socket set screw, a nut, a 20 mm. washer and a 12 mm. washer.
Brass anchor options:
a) 16 mm. long, 5 mm. diameter
b) 11 mm. long, 5 mm. diameter (it is perfect for 2 cm. thickness marble)
Unlike the conventional ones, this kit only requires a 5 mm. diameter hole. This is a competitive advantage considering the hardness of the countertop materials as well as the laboriousness and risk when making bigger diameters.
Having the socket set screw an exact length screw is unnecessary. Depending on the sink model and the hole made, frequently the screws end up being too long or too short. That forces the installation personnel to solve a problem in an instant, thus increasing the time needed to fulfill the job and its level of difficulty.
Apart form the above, the assembly and installation is often executed at customer’s home and sometimes in narrow places. So, it is very beneficial to count on our reliable, fast and safe system.
Once the socket set screw is tightened we can place the fastening sheet and screw the nut adequately.
The kit’s components are stainless: the anchor is made of brass and the rest of the parts are made of stainless steel. Two washers are included (different diameters) in order to choose the best one according to the sink.
In order to obtain an optimum grip with the brass anchor: make a 5 mm. hole, clean the gap with compressed air, apply a few drops of glue, putt he anchor and the socket screw and screw in strong. Move it away once the glue hardens a bit.
According to the certificates and reports of the APPLUS laboratory, you will achieve safety anchor points by following these instructions. Each screw will support more than 100 kg.